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  • Tony Clark

Why do I want to connect to you?

I am glad you are here. Truly! You may have found me through my web link or through subscribing to my website. Either way - I want to connect to you. I am happy you made it here.

But why? Why is connecting that important. Simply put, I like to connect with people here. Today it seems we are drawing further away from each other. Me? I am now 50 years old. I have seen the coming and going of cassette tapes, VCR tapes, Panel Trucks, Cork and Mirror wall treatments. I watched Pong become Asteroids become the hottest video game today. I watched floppy discs become hard discs become thumb drives that became the cloud.


Through all that I have seen people fade away from each other. Even in the passion of music I see the separation. When I began learning music at the age of 7 I had a teacher. I had a teacher throughout my learning of music, composition, counterpoint, harmonic balance. Today we learn on pod-casts and video conference. Very seldom does someone reach to the student and place their hand in the proper position for the connection. The connection to the instrument, the connection to the muse, and the connection to the mentor.

So here I want to connect with you, through music. In a way that you may not have thought about. In a way that will make the experience of music uniquely yours. Singularly yours.

If you have not subscribed to me please do - this is where we will begin the journey of creating music that is uniquely yours. Head over the website and enter your name and email address - this will begin our journey of connection and creation.

Thank you for your readership and your connection.

Stay tuned my friends.

If you ever need to reach me please email me at

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