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I am pleased to offer music mix and production services to artists. I began my audio career in 1992. Working in one of the top advertising and recording studios in Austin, Texas.

I worked with producers from national commercial accounts and record labels for what was then Columbia/Sony records. Clients included many genres from country music to mainstream radio bands. From Madonna to Dolly Parton to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I stepped away from studio production and began work in large staging production for 20 years. I am now semi-retired with a small mix studio in my home and back to writing music.  There are several samples of what I create throughout this website.

Below are samples of mixes and productions. Please note: all copyrights are retained by the original artist. I in no way claim any rights to the music. This music may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner according to copyright laws. 

7-4 Nathan Weisser - Mix by Renascence
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Mix samples. The client provides recorded 'stems' or tracks from a song. I balance  and treat the tracks with processing to taste. The client has access to a private web page for work review. Up to 3 revisions can be requested per track. $50 USD per song. Extensive longer songs will be priced on a case by case basis.

Honey - Cannizzaro/Hansen - Mix by Renasence
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Behind Your Smile - Juha Juppi - Mix by Renasence
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Production samples. Sometimes an artist approaches me to put my 'spin' on their music. Below are comparison tracks.  The artist original then my remix version of the original.

Production remixes start at $175USD per song and are quoted on a case by case basis.

Tossing And Turning (Original) - Little Spiral
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Tossing and Turning RenMuse SparkMix - Mix and Production by Renascence
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Behind Your Smile (Original) - Juha Juppi
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Behind Your Smile RenMuse SilkMix - Juha Juppi
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Let's Make Love Original - Jamez Monroe
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Let's Make Love RenMuse Liquid Mix - Jamez Monroe
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