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Thankful Moments

I am pleased you have stopped here for this reading of words. Coupled with the listening of music. This post is my first of a long series. Here I will speak with you. You, my inspiration. You, my muse and friend. I am thankful you have stopped here to listen. To read and reach out with me into the moments of creativity. To join with me to say, "Thank you" to those who inspire us. Those who motivate us. Those who share with us.


I am Renascence - the remaking and recreation of the self. At 50 years of age I find myself face to face with that which has past and that which will be. Yet, most importantly, I find myself facing the moment. In this moment I wish to express gratitude and thanks.

At the age of 6 I began the path of music. Though my hands were too small to embrace the guitar it would be the instrument of choice. To Mr. Henson I express thanks for providing the first lessons on the lap guitar where my small hands learned to flow over the instrument. Thankful for those first teachings in reading and playing music. The Batman Theme, Hawaiian folk music and old cowboy songs. These were my beginnings. These are thankful moments.

I was encouraged and able to play and perform music all my life. Joining school choirs, performing in musicals, dancing and singing. Very thankful moments. My teenage years were surrounded in music and creativity. Then I set off for University and was accepted into the School of Music where my learning of the craft became very focused and fine tuned. How amazing that time was! Those moments of support and creative clarity. To Professor Jensen of the Royal Coventry Garden, I say, "thank you"


I then studied the technical side of the creation. How to capture the fleeting moments of creativity. I entered audio engineering school and was taught by producers from TV, Film and Radio in the art of recording, mixing, and mastering. How wonderful this was. Looking back I can truly say how thankful I am for every professor who's time and effort was put forward and poured into their young students.

Then as often happens we find ourselves faced with the necessities of life and we must blend ourselves into the society of making a living and paying our bills and becoming the men and women productive societies. But even in these moments of having a 'job' I was fortunate and can look back in gratitude as I was always able to stay connected to the creative and the capturing of the creative.

Now, here I have arrived. Now releasing my first of what will be many creative offerings to you, my friend and my inspiration. In closing of this post I say to each of you, "Thank You."

Thank you for the support and inspiration you each give to me, Renascence. The recreation and coming of the moment. In this moment we are the creatives and the receivers of the special gift our Muse extends to us. Listen closely and watch carefully. Thankful moments are all around us.

Be well and until next time.

Be creative.


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