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  • Tony Clark

Defining My 'Thing'

I've been spending a few weeks at a seminar. Powerful stuff! It's been about launching your idea to the world. The number one thing I have learned is - I need to define what it is I want to offer the world.

Here is one attempt at working through the conversation: ( If you have some ideas please send me an email at

The Approach

I am offering custom ambient / chill music to my listener. The goal is to start a conversation with you to find the 'trigger' that gets you in a moment of relaxation and reflection. Through a series of conversational emails I want you to relive a moment in time by giving me very descriptive words. What did you see? Where were you? What did you smell, taste, feel, hear. What was the key element that gave you a sense of relaxation and peace.

From those discussions I will then pull together images and sounds that will return you to that place of experience. You will then receive a digital file of the music / soundscape that will be Music Uniquely Yours

The final step of the plan is to take several of these production and release an album where your song is a part of the album.

That's my approach.

Does it make sense? How can I more clearly define my goal so the subscriber/listener/fan understands my goal?

Please shoot me an email to :

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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