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Anthony Clark

Media Composer
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Music for Media - Orchestral - Hybrid - Sound Design

Promo Reel

"I really enjoyed  your work with this orchestration... Your use of imitative counterpoint across voices as well as steady rhythmic pulsation really drives the score's energy and purpose!" - D. Cho

"I had the pleasure of working with Tony on two short film projects. He was easily accessible and was open to any changes during the post production process. I am looking forward to working with him again." ~ Brandon Chase Ealy, Director

"Working with Tony was a pleasure. He did everything that was asked for, was flexible and open to changes and came up with great ideas on his own." ~ Atli Sigurjonsson - Film Editor


Anthony “Tony” Clark is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger of 30 plus years. Tony writes for film, television, animation and storytellers. 

Tony is a composer for Morris & Young and Velvet Green Music publishers. 


He received recognition for sound design from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and was chosen to compose music based upon Johannes Kepler’s “Music of the Spheres” for the NPR program StarDate.


While attending the University of Texas at Austin he pursued his passion for music in vocal performance and composition. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in audio recording and production and a minor in Music. Tony is a member of ASCAP.



Sad and Melancholy

Dark and Odd

Other Worlds

Classical Hybrid

Hard Hitters



Trailer & Edge

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