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The Album Fables

Welcome to Fables 

I am excited to present this, my fourth album, as a work that includes several collaborations. The piano work by the inestimable jazz pianist Charles Robinson and the angelic vocal work of Seri the Artist and Rose Fullerton.


The album also blends the sounds of acoustic and electric 'organic' instruments into the ever smooth and groovy electronic sounds that has become the sound of RenascenceMusic, aka Anthony Clark.


This album is also a departure from previous works, in that I introduce myself, Anthony "Tony" Clark. The machine behind the music. The creator and composer of the many tracks that have come to life over the last several albums. The 'teller' of the music story.


I open the 'book of fables' - to tell about the magic of music - to reveal the creation within.  I hope you enjoy this collection  and that it transports you to those mystical and mythical places where you find a sense of peace and quiet but more importantly a place of wonderment that only a good fable can bring us.

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