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Mahogany Marie Interview - LayDown the Low Down PodCast
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Welcome to episode number 1 of the Pod Cast “Lay Down the Low Down”

Guest: Mahogany Marie

Artist Website:


On today’s show I interview one of the hardest working women in the music business Mahogany Marie. Writing her first song at 11 and joining her first band at 16. Mahogany shows paves the way to success with hard work.


Based out of Atlanta but  Chicago born Mahogany blends the sounds of soul and R&B and a touch of country. Her  music video "kickback" is smooth and soulful and can be found at her YouTube channel Mahogany Marie's "Kickback" video


Mahogany is a member of 3 bands! One ‘corporate’ band, playing all the greatest hits on the corporate gig circuit. Plus her own 2 bands of Rock/Soul/Country and Rock/Soul/Funk. I told you… the hardest working woman in the business!




  • How to memorize HUNDREDS of songs for the ‘corporate’ band that produces a 3 hour show.

  • What Mahogany does to prepare each day to be as successful as possible

  • An EXCLUSIVE look into her spirituality and music

  • Defining success as an artist

  • The influence of mom


Opening Music - Reason To Drink by Mahogany Marie

Closing Music - Wayback by Mahogany Marie

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