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  • Tony Clark

Letting Go of Creation

As a musician and mix engineer, I always come to this same crossing point. When is my work finished? When is the song or composition or mix as good as it can be? Tough question! If you are like me letting go of the creation is hard to do. Here's one I want to be finished with but I am at that moment in time where I question - "Am I done with it?" Take a listen to at this link.

I try to get others opinions and input to help me decide. I also consider time involved and if I "poke the bear" much more will it help or hurt. I call remixing and rewriting "poking the bear." Mom always said, "Don't poke the bear!"

When do we know? It is a tough question for me. I can listen to a mix I am working on and hear 1000 things I want to change. I can then change that 1000 things and find another 1000 things to 'Poke' and change. I think there simply comes a moment when you realize that the more you push and twist their is a diminishing return. That's when its time to let go of the creation. It's hard, no doubt. When you look at or listen or review your work in the days that follow you find so much 'you wish' you had done.

Let the creation go. It has to stand up and walk and run and fall down and be its own self. Strange thoughts in there, indeed!

When do you know its time to let go of your creation? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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